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Client: Environmental Assessments, LLC

Project title: Identity and Stationery Package

Project Overview and Background

Specifications: Letterhead, #10 Envelope, Business Card with new corporate identity

Category Review:

  1. The client’s business requires research, investigation, and interdisciplinary solutions to environmental issues for potential real estate investment. The client provides extensive services for soil and ground water investigations.
  2. The business’s clientele includes banks, real estate firms, private land-owners, and attorneys.
  3. Competitors include larger less specialized firms providing the same kind of service.
  4. Goals: This project must present this business as a professional entity that balances precision with personal report. The primary focus will be on experience, specialization, communication, and coordination of the multitude of services provided.
  5. Target Audience: banks, real estate firms, private land-owners, and attorneys.

Business Objectives and Design Strategy

The desired response to the new identity is that clients recognize the specialization, expertise, and comprehensive services provided by Environmental Assessments, LLC. The new design will convey the reputation of professional integrity that the client relies upon to gain new business in-stay of larger less personable companies.


Client: Suburban Stationers, Inc

Project title: Collections

Project Overview and Background

Specifications: Multimedia Campaign that Highlights Employee Office Supply Wishlists